Sephora blush- Sephora Birthday Haul

Loves, this “Sephora bd haul” series I’d like to dedicate to all the stuff I recently got in Sephora as a gift for myself. As my birthday is quickly approaching I wanted to treat myself and let myself a little loose in the make up and skincare wonderland. In each post I’ll review one of the products I got.


This time I would like to tell you how I find the free birthday gift from Sephora.

Well… first of all I was pretty excited about it! Free gift? For me?? I saw in the email: “Sephora blush”?! Yes, please!

My excitement very quickly disappeared when I swatched colors on my hand. The peach one is ok. Quite nice color I was missing in my make up collection (I always go for pink shades). On my hand it looked really natural, because even though the shade is very orange toned, it’s not strongly pigmented. The pink blush though wasn’t pigmented at all! Huge disappointment! I could barely see it on my pale hand even when I strongly rubbed my finger on blush to get some product on.

Well… I hope the next year’s gift will be good enough to wear and enjoy!

How about you guys? Did you ever got a Sephora present for your birthday? What was it and did you like it? I’m really curious about your experiences! 🙂

x, Olita


14 thoughts on “Sephora blush- Sephora Birthday Haul”

      1. Ohk. When ever you feels to make i will help you k 🙂 anyway i am trying my hard to make it.. i want to buy a bike of my passion from this earning 🙂

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