Getting A Tattoo? My story & Helpful Tips 

Hello Loves!

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? You really want one but you have no idea what to get inked? Or maybe like me, you wanted one for a very long time but final decision if to do it comes and goes in waves?

Well, here I am for you, to tell you my story and give you some tips that will help get through this experience as painless and pleasant as possible. I’ll answer all your questions you may have and hopefully it will help you to make the big decision!

Let’s start with the story, shall we?

I wanted to have a tattoo since I was 13. I was a huge Johnny Depp fan, so you kinda understand. Although I didn’t know what I’d like to have tattooed. 13 was too young to get anything that permanent which I understood. When I was 17 I was thinking about getting a sparrow. That time (for a few months) I believed I’d never have better idea and I wanted to get it asap. I’m very impatient in general, probably I was even more in my teenage years.  I told my parents. They said: Ok, but wait a year. If you’ll still want this tattoo after that time you can get it. Against my impatience, I thought it was quite a good idea. So I waited. Few months later I stopped even thinking about it. I wasn’t sure if I want it anymore. When I was 21 I was so relieved I didn’t decide to do it. I wouldn’t like it. But 1 year later I started to think about having a tattoo again. This time feeling was stronger than ever. I just came back from a trip to New York and I fell in love with the city that much, without any doubt I knew that design had to be related with this place. I was sketching and trying what I would like the most. Hundreds of ideas went through my head. I decided to make it simple and quite small. I always knew my tattoo has to be descreet. After all, it was just for myself. The other rule was that it had to be mine project, 100% my drawing. Finally I decided to get just the contour (clear, simple black line) of the NY state with little black dot where NYC is. I thought I was a genius. Again, the best design I ever thought of. That I will never get bored of it and I’d love it forever. Well… as you can see on the cover photo I don’t have it. I have a flower motiv with peonie and tulip. I’m still thinking about some New York tattoo, but I want to give it a time. To make it more special I wish to do it there, when I’ll come back. As for the tattoo I have, its story starts when I met my boyfriend. He showed me he has tattoo in the same place. He did it when he turned 18. Didn’t tell anyone. He did it because he wanted it and didn’t think this through too much. I don’t think he regrets it, though. Maybe someday he would like to change it a little bit, but i believe he’s happy with it. So then I knew I had to have it in the same place. I started to go through pinterest for hours. Suddenly I saw tattoos with flower motiv and I fell that’s is! I was ready! I had the chosen place on my body, the design and the time felt right! I started to sketch again. Before, I read a lot about different kind of flowers. They’re meaning and history. I chose my favorite one which is peonie and decided to pair it with tulip which represents my boyfriend. He’s from Netherlands.

I got this tattoo made by my friend from my Academy. He’s super talented. Recently, after graduating he got into doing tattoos. I trusted him a lot and I knew he will be the only person I want to get tattoo from. The price was also funny since he was just  around a year in business and we knew each other. He did such a great job I couldn’t believe it! I love that tattoo and I couldn’t be happier I got it! It’s very feminine, kinda retro and delicate. Also it is very symbolic and looks exactly how my sketch!

Let me know how you like it!


  1. Before appointment meet with your tattooist few times (or as much nessecary) and talk about the project, show him/her your drawings if you have some and just talk the ideas through. It will stay on your body forever so you better be sure what you want! If you feel hesitance don’t do it. Wait a little. Nobody is pushing you. Do it in your own time when it feels right.
  2. Choose your tattooist very wisely! Whatch his/hers art and see if his/ hers style matches your idea. Everyone has their own style or preferred things they ink so you have to be sure you like it!
  3. Bring distraction(s)! For me watching youtube from my phone really helped.
  4. How much it hurts only depends on your personal pain level also the area of your body you decide to have a tattoo. Bone areas hurt the most.
  5. Eat well before appointment. Bring some drinks and snacks.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes.
  7.  First moment hurts the most, then you get used to pain. It’s not that bad I promise.
  8. Before getting tattoo buy some cream to use it later and help to heal the place. (for example: Bepanten, Alantan).
  9. When you’re done leave your tattooist a tip.
  10. After getting tattoo don’t let the place be wet. Protect it in a shower with some foil and tape.

That’s all Loves! Let me know what you think about tattoos! Do you like them? Would you do it? Or do you already have it? What is your dream tattoo?

Do you have any questions? Ask away! ❤️

xx, Olita

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63 thoughts on “Getting A Tattoo? My story & Helpful Tips ”

    1. thank you! 💋though if you’re having doubts about your first tattoo i think you should reschedule and wait a little bit more. but of course you’ll do as you wish! good luck! ❤️

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      1. oh, if that’s the case then do it of course! you’re doing it only for yourself! your family doesn’t have to have a tattoo too. it’s for you, if you love it do it! don’t stress about it! even though they’re not happy that you want to have it, they’ll get used to it with time. i’m keeping my fingers crossed and good luck love! xx

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  1. wowww… loved your blog. I want to get one done for ages but still haven’t. I sure have a lot of ideas but they keep changing. After reading your blog, I am kind of inspired now. 🙂

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  2. What a great post. I really like your tattoo as well. It is very sophisticated and accentuates your personality. I waited 7 years before I got my tattoo as well. It is quite small but highly meaningful and am so satisfied with it. Great tips for people who are contemplating a tattoo.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So helpful! My brother recently got our dogs face tattooed on him and I am so jealous, although I’m such a pansy when it comes to pain that i probably won’t be able to handle a small one, much less a portrait! Hahaha

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  4. Great post. Tattoos should definitely be things you give a lot of thought about. I wanted my tattoo at 15, but wanted to wait coz my parents wouldn’t let me 😜. Ended up getting them at 21and i barely even felt it 😀

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  5. Great post! I myself got a tattoo on my chest. It’s a Dahlia. But yes, it’s something you really have to put a lot of thought into it and go in with no regrets. (It also helps to put on a set of iron ovaries to deal with the pain)

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  6. I like. The black ink goes well with your skin tone. The discreet placement was a good choice. Now, you can still dress up, show limbs, have a tattoo and be bad@$$ at the same time.

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  7. That sketch is absolutely lovely and for some reason I love it all the more for not being in colour. I have four tattoos now, two of them for my husband who died last year. I had one done of a butterfly made of two people staring into each others eyes for eternity last night. All mine are hand poked sacred Thai tattoos, I live in Thailand now. Yes it hurts, but it is so worth it and they heal very quickly with no scabbing or soreness. They have a history going back thousands of years. Have a look, I wrote the content and did the research for this site . Each tattoo brings blessings and protection to the wearer.

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    1. I’m really glad you like it! Thank you for sharing your story Jane! I’m really sorry about your husband. This way of getting a tattoo is so interesting! Just amazing! xx


      1. The good thing is that it only hurts when the rod punctures the skin, no soreness or redness afterwards and mine healed within two days. My husband was suffering from the chemo effects, so it was a blessing. Thank you for your kindness.

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  8. I love your tattoo!! I’m thinking of getting one (not like yours obvs) and this helped me so much! You’ve planned yours out so well! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have my grandpas handwriting when he passed away on my forearm and gen I have butterflies, roses, butterfly cage and plum arias on my arm and flowers with my daughters names in my side and my husbands name on my shoulder

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  9. I was kinda like you, debating and waiting and deciding on a tattoo. The two I have are the only tattoos I have and I got them at the same time a couple of years ago. I love them and don’t regret them yet! I say that because one is huge and on my rib cage… that hurt like hell, and it turned out bigger than i expected, but i honestly love it and probably will love it for my entire life! Thanks for the tattoo tips, great post 🙂


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  10. Such a helpful post!!! I also have been thinking about getting a tattoo ever since I was 15. But I am either too afraid to go through with it because of the pain or change my mind too often about the design 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m so glad you find it helpful! it doesn’t hurt as much as you think! people wouldn’t have any tattoos if they wouldn’t be able to stand the pain, so it’s fine 🙂 you can also ask doctor for prescription for some numbing cream if you’re very sensitive. and design will come to you in a perfect moment! xx

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