Hello Loves! Happy Monday!

For this week’s post I’ve decided to write a review of Silicone Makeup Sponge everybody is so crazy about at the moment.


First of all I really like the idea of a makeup applicator that is so cheap ($9.90) and poreless which means it super easy to clean and what’s most important it doesn’t soak up any of the product! I am a very big fan of the famous original BeautyBlender and honestly very consistent purchaser.

When I’ve heard about this “perfect” but so weird product that will help me achieve even better results that my beloved BeatyBlender I was skeptical but also very intrigued. As I saw that it was available in my country still only online I just kept using my BeautyBlender. Then one time I saw it in my drugstore and it was super cheap so I just decided to buy it and try it out myself. Check how it actually works and if it’s worth the hype.

Well,  I tried to use it with my L’oréal True Match foundation and to be honest I hated it. I ended up finishing it with my fingers. Then I dotted concealer over my dark circles and any hyperpigmentations. I have to say it worked better with this more “heavy” formula. After that time I never picked it up again while doing my makeup. It took a lot of time to blend foundation with and I’m usually on the rush in the mornings. I just found it useless.

I’ve decided to make this post few days ago and before writing strictly negative review I wanted to give it one more try, just to be sure. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’ve searched in google how to use silicone makeup sponge and to my surprise I found a lot of tips and reviews! I’ve read that one girl didn’t like it at first exactly as me. She edited her review saying that she gave it only one star at first before she read the instructions that came with her sponge. I started to dig deeper and look through multiply tutorials.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • you’re supposed to use that “flat” side to blend
  • use just half amount of foundation as you would normally because it doesn’t soak up any product
  • you should blend it into your skin with circular motions or up and down till it will not be blendable any more, then tap to your skin.
  • to get to problematic places like around your nose and around eyes you can fold it creating a pick

Today, very well-educated about this product I gave it one more chance. Recently I changed my makeup routine a bit so I started with concealer first. A little goes a long way with this silicone sponge so I kept blending and blending and blending even more. I was going by all those tips I’ve learned and I have to be cruel but I still don’t like it at all. Aplication is horrible. It hurt my face. I kept making touch ups on my face with my fingers because my skin felt really cakey. I felt like it doesn’t want to blend foundation well enough into my skin leaving a lot of built up product in place you start blending. I was really frustrated and it took so much time to work foundation into my skin, to look decent, so personally I felt like it’s just not worth it. My skin also looked surprisingly dry and patchy in some places which never happened before while using BeautyBlender. Moreover BeautyBlender is so much faster and easier and you don’t even need to work half as hard to achieve that flawless effortless look. I don’t care it soaks up foundation and that you have to repurchase it quite often and it’s a bother to keep it clean all the time. Either way if I ever get fed up with it I’ll always have my fingers! Maybe I still need to practise working with this silicone sponge, but for now I’m not ready to give it a 3rd try to mess up my makeup!

Did you try it? You liked it or hated like me? Share in comments! I’m very curoius what you think!

xx, Olita

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26 thoughts on “SILICONE MAKEUP SPONGE review – Yay or Nay?”

  1. OOOOOO, I’ve been wanted to try this out for ages but never seemed to have picked it up… might have to now so I can do a review on it also! Thanks for the review 🙂

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  2. I tried it out also and so far I’ve only used it one time, cuz like you I also had a hard time with it. For me it just kept smearing everywhere & I ended up using my fingers to blend in the end. So far I’ve used my beauty blender & haven’t picked it since…maybe I will again, but not any time soon.

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    1. of course not! it’s not expensive you can give it a shot! I saw some people are not complaining about it so maybe you’ll actually like it! I thought the same thing! first I was thinking it is a genius idea especially with keeping it clean! xx


  3. I was so skeptical about this! Thanks for your review, now I know for sure that most of the problems I had with it without even trying it are definitely true. Firstly, it seems like it would take forever and a day to blend it all out. Who has that kind of time? Secondly, I don’t even use liquid makeup besides BB Cream and under eye concealer, both of which are comparatively lighter than other liquid makeup, so this wouldn’t even be useful for me! Glad I didn’t bother hopping on this trend lol. Great post though! Totally thorough and honest review ❤

    -Helene, xo

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      1. You certainly did! Now I’m sure that I’ll never ever buy this lol! Although I have heard that it’s very similar to the gel inserts in bras, and I’ve heard of people using those… I have a pair that doesn’t fit, and I was gonna try it (since it’s already bought and paid for and they don’t fit so I don’t care to try them with makeup lol)


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