Sharing with You: My Music

Hello Loves and happy Monday!

Today I wanted to share with you something very special to me. My music. I’m a self-taught guitar player. I started to learn guitar at early years of my Academy, which would be around 4 years ago. Music gives me different opportunity, than painting, to express myself artistically. Songs usually come to me the moment I don’t even know about. They just fly out of me. This is the most satisfying and freeing feeling I ever had. I’ve been documenting my emotional growth and rewrite it in notes. Usually I write sad songs as I feel the need to tell sad stories. All of the songs are written  and composed by me. I’ve published my first album few years back. It is called “subtitles”, which meant those 6 songs were like “subtitles to my life”, description of my emotions.

Now, after a long break, I’ve been coming up with my second album. It doesn’t have name yet. I’m still working on it. It will have 5 songs in total and this is one of them.

Golden Gate is about love from a first sight. Love from only one perspective. Blind and kind of toxic love that puts the other person on the pedestal, when you’re ready to do anything for that them, but he/she doesn’t feel the same.  It was one of the mistakes I made while the most lonely and miserable time of my life.

What do you think? Share with me your opinions and thoughts! Do you play on any instruments and/or write music? Let me know!

xx, Olita

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31 thoughts on “Sharing with You: My Music”

  1. Olita, love the songs! The explanations give them even deeper meaning! Just a guess, but I suspect the emotions have to be deep, real, present when you write your music or you don’t feel truly inspired. Again, just a guess, but either way, please keep writing, composing, singing. There are others who need the rose that come out of those quiet, difficult times. Thank you so much for the transparent sharing!


      1. You should definitely look into it! CD Baby is great for that, I used it and it’s so inexpensive for all that you get, but keep up the amazing music!!

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  2. You’ve got a very pretty voice and you’re super talented, I can tell that right away! 🙂 I think that’s so amazing that you have an album and another one coming up. I have thought about singing and making music but it isn’t my passion the same as writing is, but I’d love to do a project of my own about this size! You’re very inspiring and your songs and voice are so sweet 🙂

    -Helene ❤

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    1. you’re too nice! 😊🙌🏻 thank you so much! it means a lot. and don’t worry if it’s not your 1st choice! i have like 5 things that i love to do and list is still growing! i can’t tell you enough how good and accomplished i felt after i had my first cd out! such a proud moment. I made 100 copies of cds with cover and little booklet inside with lyrics and 90 of them got sold in like a month! then i had two full time shows one in warsaw and one in spain. don’t give up on your dream! it will bring the best things for you! good luck! xx

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