June Favorites! Fashion, Jewellery & Makeup Items

Hello Loves! Hope you have a great Monday!

This month favourites include one fashion item, two makeup and one skincare product and one new everyday use jewellery piece!

Let’s start with makeup, shall we?


Guys, how gorgeous is this colour??? I think I don’t need to explain why iconic Twig Mac Lipstick is in my favourites! I never owned a Mac lipstick before I got this one last month. I know! So embarrassing! Shame on me! Well, all I can say is that now I perfectly understand why this colour and formula of Mac lipsticks in general is favourite of so many beauty addicts! You should definitely try it yourself someday! They have a shade for everyone. It’s affordable ($17) and you get a really high quality product. Two thumbs up for this one!


All about this wonderful Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream you can read here, in my recent review. So let’s go straight to iconic skincare product – Bio-Oil. I could write a very long review about how great it is, but I’ll keep it short and sweet this time. It really helped my skin to be moisturized for the whole day more than any other cream moisturizer did. My skin usually starts to get really dry at the middle of the day. And that time of the day while using cream moisturiser my makeup was looking worse. You could notice my super dry undereyes and creasing concealer. Since I started to use Bio-Oil my makeup looks very natural for the whole day! That means a win for me! All the products I put on my face blend so damb well I honestly couldnt believe it! I also feel like it evened out my skin a bit. I have less hyper pigmentation for sure!


This super cute top I got on Zara’s last sale. (Sorry Loves but I couldn’t find it online. I believe it sold out) It’s a dark blue, crochet top with a corset like detail on front. I love this top and have been wearing it a lot this past month!


Last but not least is that AMAZING ring my wonderful boyfriend got me! How gorgeous it is???? I just can’t! I know it looks a LOT like engagement ring (we’re not engaged!) but I don’t care! I wear it on my right hand’s 4th finger. It’s funny, because I was never a big fan of silver, but this ring I loved from the first moment I saw it. I guess, I like silver since it sparkles like unicorn tears, right? haha! It’s from Pandora if you want to get it yourself! For all my everyday jewellery collection click here. 


What are your monthly favourites? Share in the comments!

xx, Olita

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69 thoughts on “June Favorites! Fashion, Jewellery & Makeup Items”

  1. MAC lipsticks are the best! My current favorite is “Diva” which is like a darker plum but I love the shade you picked too, and wanna try it now! I have pics of Diva mixed with other colors on my Insta if you wanna check it out πŸ™‚

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      1. I like McCaulou, H&M and occasionally Forever 21 for some clothing basics. Then my most favorite ever: Yesstyle. Have you ever heard of it? Wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t, it’s so underrated. It’s this Asian online store, and I love it sooo much! Yesstyle is not only affordable, but also really diverse in styles. I ramble too much about Yesstyle lol, but now you know. >.<

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  3. Oh man! the ring! Congrats. I’m sure the ring means something deep, and thats a good thing. I love for bio-oil. I used that my entire pregnancy along with coconut oil and I own not a single stretch mark. That stuff is truly Jesus juice in an expensive bottle. It costs 9 dollars for a small bottle here in the US at any local drug store. 17 for a large one. Many blessings, and again, congrats!

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    1. oh, thank you, but actually this ring doesn’t mean anything deep, haha! sorry πŸ˜‰ it’s just that my boyfriend wanted to spoil me a little bit. really bio oil is that good as they say then? i only used it on my face and loved it, but haven’t try it on my stretch marks! if it helped you to not have any stretch marks maybe it will help me to get rid of a few i have. xx

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  4. That ring is so gorgeous! Lucky girl! 😍 I love Bio Oil! Definitely a miracle productπŸ‘πŸΌ And that MAC lipstick is a lovely shade! I am ashamed I haven’t ever owned one, either! πŸ™ I think it’s time to change that! 😊 Great post ❀️ x

    -Helene | https://angelspartaness.com/

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