3k Followers Q&A + follow back

Hello Loves and happy Tuesday!

This week as promised I’m gonna answer all your questions and follow 5 of you who asked the most creative ones!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

I’m interested to know how your life has changed as your blog has gained momentum? A follow up question would be, is your reason/inspiration for blogging the same now as when you first started? – beauty0bellini

To be honest I feel like it didn’t change at all. Definitely the reason to keep blogging for me is the same. Just because it gives me joy! I’m so grateful so many of you are willing to share it with me and keep reading my posts. I’ve never thought about I could have 3000 people subscribed to my page! It’s insane! ❤

So as this milestone is goals for many fellow bloggers, I’d like to know: What are your tips in regard to expanding your blog following and engagement? Also, how do you get inspired to come up with new blog ideas? – FebruaryCircus

People ask me about the tips to grow a bigger audience all the time. Tbh I never had a plan. Just write about what you truly love. Pictures should be a good quality, that definitely catch an eye. And the last tip would be stay present and connected with the community. About inspiration I’d always write about what I’m into atm.

When did you start your blog and what is your blog’s purpose? How does your blog add value to the world and make it a better place? – Chrissy

I started my blog April 14th as a get away place just for myself. Somewhere I could write about anything I’m passionate about. Well, about making a world better place… I’m not sure it does haha! I just hope I could bring people together and share our interests and hopefully also somehow inspire them.

What motivates you to continue blogging and helps you through writers block? Congratulations!! That is an amazing achievement! – learningbeaut by Ruth Garcia

Thank you Ruth! Definitely what helps me with my writers block is knowing how many people awaits my posts, which is so nice! Also when I can’t write I just think about what I’m excited/passionate about at the moment and then the block disappears, because I find a purpose to make another post. I usually like to plan ahead what I’m gonna write about, so the block is not a very big struggle of mine.


All authors of questions above are followed by me! Thank you for your Qs! ❤

xx, Olita

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17 thoughts on “3k Followers Q&A + follow back”

  1. That’s so awesome to hear! That is partially part of the reason why I started my blog also. I was about to just post sporadically cause of certain reason but I thought about it and just said I don’t care what one person thinks or say..I truly enjoy reading a few of your post. Thank you for responding and Congratulations again! 😀💓

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    1. thank you so much! thanks for the question as well! i think what inspired me was trying to find a place to release my creativity. i’m am an artist and musician but i needed to try new medium and also share all my favorite things with people who might enjoy them as well.

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  2. What are your future plans for the blog? Which are the goals you’re focussing on and how do you plan to achieve it?
    Do you think since a lot of people are into the blogging world, it’s becoming harder to be recognised?

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    1. Oh wow, that’s a lot of questions!
      1. I don’t really have any plans for the future about my blog, just go with the flow, keep writing about stuff i’m passionate about.
      2. My goals i’m focusing about are definitely consistency of posting, raising the quality of my posts, keep posts interesting (for me and others). And how I plan to achieve them? Just go step by step and don’t forget it’s all about fun!
      3. Of course I think it’s getting harder since to get recognized since the blogging became actual job and so many persue it as a progression or hobby. I feel if someone is meant to be recognized he/she will. It’s just matter of time.
      Thank you for your questions, Rifat! xx


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